eBilling Success Story at The Barry Group – Editorial in AB Magazine

In an editorial featured in the Accounting and Business Ireland Magazine Patrick Redfern – Celtrino’s Business Development Manager – details the eBilling success story at the Barry Group.

Since implementing Celtrino’s Express eBilling service the Barry Group has seen efficiency improvements across their business processes.  Redfern details the ‘easy to use’ eBilling solution that is removing paper invoices for the Barry Group, which was ‘processing 400,000 invoices, credit and debit notes per year.’  Peter O’Sullivan, Head of IT at the Barry Group, discusses future plans to increase the amount of their processes that they put through the system, “Our ultimate aim is to have all our document-based customer transactions going through the eBilling system.”

Have a read of this editorial piece and contact us for a company specific demo to see how we can help you to integrate all your trading relationships across a single platform.

Ken Halpin (50 Posts)

As Celtrino’s Managing Director, Ken leads the company’s product development and technical operations from the firms’ Dublin headquarters. Over the past 20 years Ken has demonstrated market leadership in developing and taking to market commercial supply chain services and software.