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Late Movember release of hit single ‘My lovely Mo’ by the CeltrinMos.

(Lyrics by Jimmy and Dave and video production and direction by Justyna).

Despite rumours of a break-up over creative differences in relation to an adaptation of the Queen song Mohemian Rhapsody, it turned out to be just that, rumour…

…and of course the fact that the CeltrinMos actually sing like toads.

The rumoured infighting stopped and the media pressure subsiding…  The creative juices boiled up again when in a moment of inspiration, a junior member of the CeltrinMo’s, with absolutely no facial hair of any kind, Dave Foster, started humming that classic faux-Eurovision hit, “My lovely horse”. So hence “My lovely Mo” by the CeltrinMos was born. The rest as the say was confined to Mo-history.

A close shave, and to the wire for the release of the hit, but I give you without further ado, the Momentous, Mognificant, Motely, Mo-magical, one and only CeltrinMos…

Get donating… if anything we deserve it… for the laughs you will get out of it.

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