Team CeltrinMo’s Movember Culminates in a Close Shave

There is a sense of palpable relief around the office amongst the whisker-less who, for the last month, were part of the CeltrinMo team.  Movember dragged on until the first Monday of December for the purpose of a final team photo and the recording of the much anticipated ‘My Lovely Mo’ (the adaptation of the Father Ted classic has been touted as a front runner for the Christmas number 1, although audiences are yet to catch a glimpse of it so that could be hype).

On Monday the team complained of having to cover their December Movembers on the way into work for fear that they would be subject to ridicule and that they could no longer hide behind the defence that “It’s for charity!”  Those who take a shine to their moustaches during Movember and elect to keep them permanently usually do so because they have received sufficient positive attention during the month to warrant keeping the new facial hair.  However, there is no fear that our Mo-team will keep their growths as they were quick to say that the razors were waiting for them at home, poised and ready to end the ridicule.

CeltrinMo Team
CeltrinMo Team Members. (From left: Stephen Driscoll, Jimmy McGuinness, Juby John, Pablo Chicot, David Nelson, John Behan)

Movember has been a campaign to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer, since it started.  The annual, month long, moustache growing campaign originated in Melbourne, Australia.  In 2004, a group of approximately thirty men (this number is hard to pin down because since the event took off many more have claimed to have been present on the movements mythical first meeting) took it upon themselves to grow moustaches for a month as a bet.  The first year they raised no money as it was just a sporting bet.  However, after the fanfare that their whiskers garnered over that first November it became clear that there was scope for raising awareness about men’s health issues.  This group went on to form the Movember Foundation and their slogan is “changing the face of men’s health.”  The charities success has spread around the world and in 2011 850,000 people registered to become a Mo-Bro or Mo-Sista and over 90 million euro was raised.  2012 figures will be in soon and it is expected that the numbers taking part will spike once more.

Perhaps the CeltrinMo moustaches haven’t quite got the panache of a Tom Selleck or a Ron Burgundy (Mo-gods) but the effort by the team cannot be questioned and if you’re a cynic the proof can be found in the blunted razors and blocked sinks on Monday evening.  The team’s efforts can also be measured in euros.  The team came an impressive 422nd out of 1126 teams registered in Ireland and raised €510, this was broken up into individual and team donations.  Rumour has it they will be issued with e-certificates for their achievements, whatever the acknowledgement it’ll be paperless!

It is a tight race for the top performer or as we like to call it the MMVP (Movember’s Most Valuable Player).  Jimmy McGuinness has raised €65 but Stephen O’Driscoll is ahead of him by a whisker with €69.  Captain David Nelson is on €45 while John Behan, Pablo Chicot and Juby John have all contributed €25 each.  Donations are still being accepted and a flood of them are expected when ‘My Lovely Mo’ is released and a country-wide tour is being talked about!  The team might not have great moustache growing capabilities but they have jumped at the opportunity to pen some lyrics, get in front of a mic and choreograph some mo-moves.

Movember Team CeltrinMo

On Tuesday the fresh faced team risked upper-lip frost-bite on their first post-shave commute.  They seemed happy to call time on their ‘taches and return to normal life.  After a tough month they are eager to start the rehabilitation process with family and friends, who towards the latter stages of Movember were unwilling to be seen in public with them for fear of embarrassment.  The team are hoping that their reputation among relatives will be restored in time for the cutting of the Christmas turkey and that their friends can look them in the face without breaking into fits of laughter in time for Christmas drinks.

So sacrifices have been made, money has been raised and next year team CeltrinMo will mobilise the follicles once more in an effort to break into the top 100 teams in the country.  But, until then, it’s time to bid adieu to the handlebars, pencils, horseshoes, Fu Manchus and all other variations on the Mo because grooming is out and shaving is in.

Watch this space for our mustached musical extravaganza ‘My Lovely Mo’ – it’ll make any remaining hairs stand up!

Special thanks to the team:  David Nelson ©,  Stephen O’Driscoll, John Behan, Pablo Chicot, Jimmy McGuinness and Juby John.


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