Going Green, and not just on St. Patrick’s Day !

 St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally the day when people don silly hats and that rivers and buildings across the globe go green. However, Celtrino with its Express e-Billing Service is helping businesses go green all year round.

Shamrock - a symbol of Ireland

Companies that depend on paper-based supply chain transactions usually require pallet loads of paper sheets, envelopes and stamps to send numerous invoices and other vital business documents to their trading partners.

By changing traditional communication methods to an automated electronic format, your company can significantly cut down on its carbon footprint and help the environment in the process.


Barry Group – An Eco-Friendly Company

Every week, Celtrino Express e-Billing processes and delivers thousands of Barry Group PDF documents that would normally be printed and sent via post. These are now made available for customers to view on the Celtrino Express system. With an average 20 year-old tree producing about 8,300 A4 sheets, and based on the number of documents Celtrino processes for Barry’s, this service translates to about 45 trees being saved every year.

Furthermore, every year Celtrino processes upwards of 10 million documents for other clients through our Retail Exchange website. This means Celtrino potentially saves over 1200 trees each year. A truly eco-friendly statistic.

Everyone at Celtrino wishes you a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



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