Earth Day: Be Part of the e-Solution to Climate Change

Is your company doing its bit for the environment?

Mother EarthIf you have automated your invoice processes and eliminated the paper trail from your business then you are and well done! By switching from a manual paper-based system to an electronic delivery system, you are not only saving money and gaining a competitive edge in your industry but you are also lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

What does this translate into? Well, if you send documents manually you use huge quantities of paper, stamps and envelopes not to mention trucks and delivery systems and collectively this process takes a massive toll on the environment. By switching to electronic invoicing you eliminate this and streamline your processes. Your trading partners can receive documents in real-time with no delays and view them immediately from a secure location. This is not just beneficial to the environment but it is also cost effective and allows you to have greater control over your supply chain and improve your trading relationships.

But seen as it is Earth Day lets focus on the environmental impact you could have:

  • In one year approximately 90 Billion pieces of paper are sent around Europe in the form of invoices.
  • This is 12 million trees
  • It is the equivalent of 15 million lamps being on 24 hours a day for a whole year!

All of these invoices can be sent electronically: this system is more efficient and secure so why not play your part on earth day and see how invoicing could be beneficial to your company and the environment?


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